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Whalen Image Solutions partners with clients, so both parties get the most out of a project.
We work with public and private organisations, large and small, corporate and non-corporate.
We work across any subject matter, including accounting, child care, economics, education,
food, health, hospitality, sport, real estate, retail, telecommunications, tourism, transport, and travel.


Whalen Image Solutions develops a rapport with its client base and this, in our experience,has
helped in getting the job almost right first time. David Whalen listens to what's required, provides
helpful suggestions and reaffirms the nature of the job. David and his staff are approachable,
affable and mindful of budgets and deadlines. The company has a particular understanding of
government agencies and their requirements. We always seek a quote from Whalen Image Solutions
first, based on the quality of their service.
Government transport agency

Dave, congratulations and thank you for creating the Bonsella logo and stationery. We have had
very positive feedback from clients and colleagues and we appreciate the professional yet modern
look you styled for us. Your work was very much appreciated.
Bernard Hardy, Bonsella Business Solutions

Whalen Image Solutions have always provided fast, effective and professional solutions for our
organisation's graphic design needs. From small magazine advertisements to large scale-publications,
Whalen Image Solutions have always provided friendly service and fantastic results.
I highly recommend them.
Rebecca, Australian Government

Whalen Image Solutions has provided graphic design services to the Australian Government
Department for over 5 years. During that time Dave has been professional and friendly at all times.
He is often required to meet tight deadlines which he does with ease. He is always flexible and
attentive to our organisations needs.
Samantha, Australian Government


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